Friday, 30 December 2011


Hey Beauty's!!

Just a little post to tell you about the Giveaway/Competition I am having on my Youtube Channel!!

First 10 people to enter will be entered TWICE!!!

Good luck :)


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Side Reel rocks my socks!!

Hey Beauty's!!

I have recently discovered Side Reel !! It's a site where you watch all your favourite American shows online!

Such as Gossip girl, 90210, The Big Bnag Theory, Glee!!
It's truly amazing!!

I have discovered a few new programs which I don't think air over in the UK, correct me if I'm wrong! Like 2 broke girls which is a really funny comedy about 2 broke girls, who would have thunk it!! I have also just got into 16 and pregnant and Hope :)

Let me know if you try it out :) it's amazeballs!!

What are your favourite American programs?

Thanks for reading :)


New Years Resolutions!!

Hey Beauty's!!

Every year I make New Year's Resolutions and every year I never keep even one of them!!
Sheesh! So this year I decided instead of having stupid resolutions like "To become a size 4 supermodel" (which believe me will never happen) I have decided to make more realistic resolutions! Bare with me there are a few :p

Learn to Speak Welsh
Yes, I know I know!! I'm a welsh girl that doesn't speak her own language but the Welsh language is a language that is usually a person's second language! Okay I'm fed up of saying language! What I mean is people in Wales usually grow up speaking both English and Welsh, but unfortunately my parents were never taught Welsh so never taught me and my brother! I have always wanted to learn so fingers crossed I get around to it his year!! 

Visit America
Another dream of mine is to visit America! I just everything American. The TV shows the sweets the cereals (lucky charms anyone?!) just everything! So I'm hoping to save up enough money to go there next year with my lovely Fiance!

Get Fit
Get a bod like kim kardashian ;) hahaa yeah right! In my dreams! Unlike all my usual resolutions this is purely to get fit and feel fit! It has nothing to do with my appearance. If I feel fit and I'm still a size 10 I believe I'll be happy :) I'll be making videos and blog posts on how it's going and giving you tips too if you want to get fit also!!

Be Happy
Did this pic make you smile? Hahaa I love it!This is my last and most important resolution! As some of you may know I am in my 2nd year of University and it is STRESSFUL! I just want to stop getting stressed and just to remember to enjoy life :) there is so much more to life than your job and how much you earn! I'm gonna grab life by the balls and take it for a ride!! 

Who's with me?!

Thanks for readings guys :) let me know what your New Years Resolutions are and how you get on :)

I'll keep you updated!!


A belated Merry Christmas :)

Hey Beauty's!

Hope you all had a fab Christmas and Santa brought you everything you hoped for! I have eaten soooooo so so so so much this festive season! I am pretty sure there will be posts and videos all to do with how to lose weight and such! I think it may be time to brush the cobwebs off my Wii and get grooving on the Wii fit board!

It's just to damn cold to venture outside without a multitude of layers on and I especially can't be bothered to hit the gym! Who does?! I'd much rather be at home tucked up in bed watching The Big Bang Theory reruns!! Heaven!

Anyway this is just to say I hope you all had a fab Christmas and have a Happy New Year!! I promise to post new posts as often as possible :)

Thanks sooo much for reading :) you don't know ow much it means to me!!

Please check out my you tube channel MISSbarbii3 Channel :)

How was your Christmas? Let me know :)


Thursday, 15 December 2011

Nail Paints!

Hey Guys!

Today I went shopping for even more Christmas pressies and decided to treat myself to some new nail paints/varnish's!

I went into Superdrug and picked up these 5 nail paints!

(From L to R) Barry M Spring Green, Barry M Shocking Pink, Barry M Pure Turquoise, Look Beauty Bling Shade 4 and Barry M Lilac Foil!

Sorry about the flash, it was dark in my room so it wouldn't turn off!

I looooove all these colours!

All of the Barry M colours except the Lilac Foil are £2.99 and the Lilac Foil is £3.99 but Free at the moment when you spend £6 or more on Barry M products in Superdrug! Whilst the Look Beauty Nail Pop is £5 but free if you buy 2 other Look Beauty products! If you want me to show you what other Look Beauty products I bought leave a comment on this post!

You can see how well they transform onto the nail in this picture!

They are all very bright and pigmented (can you say that with nail paints?) and last ages and don't chip very easily.

BTW I didn't leave my nails like this even though I don't think it looks too bad :p

This is my favourite as it's pink and glittery and I looove both :)

The glitter particles are large and cover the nail easily, also the liquid has shimmer in it so when it's on it's very shimmery and catches the light a lot!

I put 2 coats of this nail varnish on as I wanted a very dense area of glitter with no bit of nail bare, but you could get away with only one coat! The same for the Barry M nail paints, one coat is plenty.

Here is a closer pic where you can see the shimmer of the Nail Pop and the shine of the Barry M nail paints!

The Lilac Foil is from Limited Edition Effects range, but I don't understand why! To me it's just like very other metallic nail varnish out there! It is still a very nice colour.

Thanks for reading guys :)
Hope you enjoyed


Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Outfit I NEED!!!

This is an outfit I have put together for you guys :)
I loooove it!
It's all from River Island coz I was browsing on their site when 
It hit me!
I should do an outfit post of what I would love to wear!!

This oversized jumper goes perfectly with these tight jeans! If your like me and a little on the chubby side :( you'd understand the need of skinny things with oversized things!
Basically it's to stop me from looking too oversized if ya get me drift ;)
I loooove these boots :D well well well!!
And I added the red snood and satchel for a pop of colour!
If I had money this is what I would be wearing :)

I would never normally be able to but this so this can be my way of wearing fancy stuff!
Be warned things may get seriously HIGH fashion ;)

I love that the Jumper that says jumper :p
Anways . . 
Hope you guys like this :)
Let me know if you want me to do some more of these

Thanks for reading :)
Love MISSbarbii3 


Lucky Charms? And new hair ;)

Hey guys!!

Just a short post for you today! I absolutely looooooove lucky charms! You probably already know! But, I am addicted!
And . . . . . 

I was wondering if any of you could send me some from America or wherever sells them cheap in exchange for something British. . . 

Like. . . . 

Barry M
Soap and Glory
and so on . . 

Sooooo, let me know and we'll swap :) 

Also do you like my new hair?
I@ve had it cut and I'm not sure what i think :/ hmmmm!

thanks for reading 


Friday, 25 November 2011

Dear Santa . . .

Dear Santa

This year I have been a very good girl *big smile* and I was hoping that you'd send me . . .

How adorable is this pug puppy?
It's just sooooo cute! I have wanted a pug all of my life! I think they are the best dogs to get!
Pleeease Santa can I have a pug for Christmas?

Mmmmm . . .   sparkles!
I want this Ipad 2 and Ipad case soooooo desperately!
The case is suuch a Katie (MISSbarbii3) thing and I NEED it!

Don't even get me started on this one!
Loubotins + Glitter = Very happy girly!!
Nuff said . . . . .

Pauls Boutique Barbie Bag!
What a beauty?
I think this is the only item on this post that maybe could be in my stocking this year!
I have hinted and hinted at this bag since Pauls Boutique started making it, I just love the mix of pink and zebra print!
And the charms, mmm . . .
I hope my fiancĂ© reads this, teehee!

These could be in my stocking too!
I am in loooove with lucky charms!
I first tried them when I picked up a pack from American Candy in the t David's Shopping centre in Cardiff!
I wish you could buy them in the UK as cheap as they are in America!
I am running out
*sad face*
I have like one bowl full left! 

Just to show how un-spoilt I am 
*winky face*

A pink Bugatti Veyron!!!!!!
If any guys read this, this will send them wild!
Pink Bugatti Veyron?!
How can you do that?!
To be honest, if I was ever fortunate to own a Bugatti it would be black and white!
By the way this is the fastest car in the WORLD!!
That excites me!
It's just beautiful!

By the way, to all you haters! I am aware that I probably won't receive any of these for Christmas or maybe ever!
*sad face*
But, a girl can dream!
Alos, I am listening to Cher LLoyd's album as I write this!
And, I love it!!
Let me know what you guys think!

Thanks for reading guys!!!

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This is a link for my newest video!

Love MISSbarbii3

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Pretty Page :)

Hey guys :) hopefully you noticed my brand new header! I am sooo proud of it and actually done it all myself! Your probably thinking Oh emm gee thats nothing but to me it's huuuuuuuuuuge!! It took me around an hour to make, all because I couldn't make up my mind.   I took a picture from MAC I think it is, the one with the coloured eyes *Ahhhh love it* and added other pictures. I really love this picture and I think it represents me as I love colourful things and it is make-up!

I will be starting up a business soon, I won't give a away too much now. But it is something I have done for a long time, and really enjoy doing. Keep reading my posts and watching my videos and you will know what it is very soon! I'm soooo excited! 

Btw, sorry that none of these posts have been about beauty yet, I am working on it! My camera is being very silly atm so it's just easier to post videos. If you would like to watch my videos or even subscribe then  click HERE. I have a lot of ideas for posts that I would love to do on here so as soon as my camera is well again I will get to it! Hope your enjoying my blog page so far :) 

Thanks for reading

Love MISSbarbii3

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

MISSbarbii3 is unleashed on blogger!

Hey Guys! I feel so bad for not doing a post in soooooo long! I love writing them but I'm not very good at the technical side *sad face* so didn't want to make loads of posts with me blabbing along when it didn't look pretty! Although it still doesn't look pretty now, it will be soon! Yipee! You may have noticed a lot of exclamation points, that is due to me being so excited!!! Wow, 3! Yes, I am a bit nuts and Yes, I'm a bit crazy, but hey ho!

This post has gone off on a massive tangent, hmmmmm.

Well, anyway my younger sibling, who shall not be named, wait, he needs a name! Lets name him . . . . . . . . . .


So anyway, Fred, teehee is doing a course on computers *confused face* and has now decided to help me with my blog! Yipee! Which means, nice pretty posts with lots of pictures, as I am actually a pretty snazzy snapper! A levels babaay! Soooo, cheers me dears, to pretty posts and smiles! 

 Thanks for reading 
love MISSbarbii3