Thursday, 15 December 2011

Nail Paints!

Hey Guys!

Today I went shopping for even more Christmas pressies and decided to treat myself to some new nail paints/varnish's!

I went into Superdrug and picked up these 5 nail paints!

(From L to R) Barry M Spring Green, Barry M Shocking Pink, Barry M Pure Turquoise, Look Beauty Bling Shade 4 and Barry M Lilac Foil!

Sorry about the flash, it was dark in my room so it wouldn't turn off!

I looooove all these colours!

All of the Barry M colours except the Lilac Foil are £2.99 and the Lilac Foil is £3.99 but Free at the moment when you spend £6 or more on Barry M products in Superdrug! Whilst the Look Beauty Nail Pop is £5 but free if you buy 2 other Look Beauty products! If you want me to show you what other Look Beauty products I bought leave a comment on this post!

You can see how well they transform onto the nail in this picture!

They are all very bright and pigmented (can you say that with nail paints?) and last ages and don't chip very easily.

BTW I didn't leave my nails like this even though I don't think it looks too bad :p

This is my favourite as it's pink and glittery and I looove both :)

The glitter particles are large and cover the nail easily, also the liquid has shimmer in it so when it's on it's very shimmery and catches the light a lot!

I put 2 coats of this nail varnish on as I wanted a very dense area of glitter with no bit of nail bare, but you could get away with only one coat! The same for the Barry M nail paints, one coat is plenty.

Here is a closer pic where you can see the shimmer of the Nail Pop and the shine of the Barry M nail paints!

The Lilac Foil is from Limited Edition Effects range, but I don't understand why! To me it's just like very other metallic nail varnish out there! It is still a very nice colour.

Thanks for reading guys :)
Hope you enjoyed


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