Tuesday, 27 December 2011

New Years Resolutions!!

Hey Beauty's!!

Every year I make New Year's Resolutions and every year I never keep even one of them!!
Sheesh! So this year I decided instead of having stupid resolutions like "To become a size 4 supermodel" (which believe me will never happen) I have decided to make more realistic resolutions! Bare with me there are a few :p

Learn to Speak Welsh
Yes, I know I know!! I'm a welsh girl that doesn't speak her own language but the Welsh language is a language that is usually a person's second language! Okay I'm fed up of saying language! What I mean is people in Wales usually grow up speaking both English and Welsh, but unfortunately my parents were never taught Welsh so never taught me and my brother! I have always wanted to learn so fingers crossed I get around to it his year!! 

Visit America
Another dream of mine is to visit America! I just everything American. The TV shows the sweets the cereals (lucky charms anyone?!) just everything! So I'm hoping to save up enough money to go there next year with my lovely Fiance!

Get Fit
Get a bod like kim kardashian ;) hahaa yeah right! In my dreams! Unlike all my usual resolutions this is purely to get fit and feel fit! It has nothing to do with my appearance. If I feel fit and I'm still a size 10 I believe I'll be happy :) I'll be making videos and blog posts on how it's going and giving you tips too if you want to get fit also!!

Be Happy
Did this pic make you smile? Hahaa I love it!This is my last and most important resolution! As some of you may know I am in my 2nd year of University and it is STRESSFUL! I just want to stop getting stressed and just to remember to enjoy life :) there is so much more to life than your job and how much you earn! I'm gonna grab life by the balls and take it for a ride!! 

Who's with me?!

Thanks for readings guys :) let me know what your New Years Resolutions are and how you get on :)

I'll keep you updated!!



  1. One of mine is to learn Welsh as well haha!xx

  2. Hahaa I'll do a post in welsh if I ever get good enough :) xx

  3. Haa if you find any good books or anything let me know :) I should have just listened in school really haha xx

  4. Yeah of course :) I noticed that you follow my blog twiiter and are subscribed to me if you leave a comment on my giveaway video you'll be entered into my giveaway :) xx

  5. Thank you :)

    Okay, will do :D