Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A belated Merry Christmas :)

Hey Beauty's!

Hope you all had a fab Christmas and Santa brought you everything you hoped for! I have eaten soooooo so so so so much this festive season! I am pretty sure there will be posts and videos all to do with how to lose weight and such! I think it may be time to brush the cobwebs off my Wii and get grooving on the Wii fit board!

It's just to damn cold to venture outside without a multitude of layers on and I especially can't be bothered to hit the gym! Who does?! I'd much rather be at home tucked up in bed watching The Big Bang Theory reruns!! Heaven!

Anyway this is just to say I hope you all had a fab Christmas and have a Happy New Year!! I promise to post new posts as often as possible :)

Thanks sooo much for reading :) you don't know ow much it means to me!!

Please check out my you tube channel MISSbarbii3 Channel :)

How was your Christmas? Let me know :)


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