Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Outfit I NEED!!!

This is an outfit I have put together for you guys :)
I loooove it!
It's all from River Island coz I was browsing on their site when 
It hit me!
I should do an outfit post of what I would love to wear!!

This oversized jumper goes perfectly with these tight jeans! If your like me and a little on the chubby side :( you'd understand the need of skinny things with oversized things!
Basically it's to stop me from looking too oversized if ya get me drift ;)
I loooove these boots :D well well well!!
And I added the red snood and satchel for a pop of colour!
If I had money this is what I would be wearing :)

I would never normally be able to but this so this can be my way of wearing fancy stuff!
Be warned things may get seriously HIGH fashion ;)

I love that the Jumper that says jumper :p
Anways . . 
Hope you guys like this :)
Let me know if you want me to do some more of these

Thanks for reading :)
Love MISSbarbii3 


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