Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My Summer Wishlist

Hiya Guys!

This is my Summer Wishlist! Hope you enjoy!

The Naked 2 palette! 
I already have the first palette and I am in love! So, this bad boy is just waiting for me to take the plunge.

I LOVE this bracelet! I am even pop put tomorrow and get it :)it's from river island!

How cute is this River Island dress?! I love the pink and orange!

As some of you may know, I have a pair of purple vans and they are the comfiest shoes I have ever worn! I love them! I am dying to get another colour! And as I am a Barbie girl, pink only seems  right!
Awwww incase you didn't know! I LOVE pugs! They are my favourite dog! I will 100% get one when I move out!
You can buy this tshirt from Urban outfitters :)

I think I'll end it there :) before I want everything hahaa!

My new May Favourites video!

There are amazing bloopers at the end :)

Lots of Love



  1. For your may favorites, you mentioned the 'scandalas eye mascara' could you do a blog post with video on it. For example; how to apply it, before&afters?


    1. Yeah definitely! I will buy the new version too so I can do a comparison too! Keep your eyes peeled :) or follow me on Instagram as I will post pics on there too :) xxx

  2. omg I love the hot pink shoes!!
    amazing post :)


  3. I love everything!! and ur style xox