Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Striped Jeans! Day to Night!

Hey hunnies :) 
Sorry I haven't been posting lately! I've been trying to concentrate a little more on my Youtube account! If you aren't already subscribed here is a link!

Today I have made a little picture of a pair of jeans I am currently in love with! I have seen them all over the place and am waiting for the Topshop near me to have them in store (I need to try jeans on as I have a big ass) BUT they haven't had them yet :(

So I'll just have to deal with imaging the outfits I will wear with them! Which is where you lot come in :) I'm going to share some ideas with you! 
Here it is :) 

The line down the centre is to show you the day (left) and night (right obvs :p) outfits kinda separately. Theses AMAZING black and white jeans are from Motel Rocks in Topshop. For the day outfit I have paired with them a Pink Striped arm jumper from River Island a bucket bag from Topshop, a pale pear of pink brogues from River Island, a star ring from Topshop and a Hat from Topshop. 

Have a guess what my fav shops are :p

For the night look I have paired the jeans with this Black bra top from Miss Selfridge, The pink blazer from River Island and the AMAZING heels from Topshop. The Feather hair extensions can be bought from Ebay or Amazon for a fairly cheap price and look lovely in messy hair. 

Everything here is current and can still be bought in the shops :) it may even be in the sale!! Wowzer!!

I looooove these outfits and would love to know what you guys think :)

Thanks for reading my lovelies


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  1. Love these pieces!