Wednesday, 16 November 2011

MISSbarbii3 is unleashed on blogger!

Hey Guys! I feel so bad for not doing a post in soooooo long! I love writing them but I'm not very good at the technical side *sad face* so didn't want to make loads of posts with me blabbing along when it didn't look pretty! Although it still doesn't look pretty now, it will be soon! Yipee! You may have noticed a lot of exclamation points, that is due to me being so excited!!! Wow, 3! Yes, I am a bit nuts and Yes, I'm a bit crazy, but hey ho!

This post has gone off on a massive tangent, hmmmmm.

Well, anyway my younger sibling, who shall not be named, wait, he needs a name! Lets name him . . . . . . . . . .


So anyway, Fred, teehee is doing a course on computers *confused face* and has now decided to help me with my blog! Yipee! Which means, nice pretty posts with lots of pictures, as I am actually a pretty snazzy snapper! A levels babaay! Soooo, cheers me dears, to pretty posts and smiles! 

 Thanks for reading 
love MISSbarbii3

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