Thursday, 15 March 2012

Percy and Reed Hair Products Review!

Hiya my lovelies!
I am finally back to work on my blog! With a beauty review ;) woohoo!
So, as some of you may know, with this months glamour magazine for just £2 you received a free Percy and Reed hair product!
There was a choice of four products, shampoo, conditioner, a hair mask and finishin polish!
I bought 2 of the magazines and got the hair mask and finishing polish!
I have since used both products and they are amazing!
I use the mask with my turbie towel as it works best with heat! Which is a towel that fits around your head and secures your hair up and helps to dry your hair quicker!
The hair mask should be kept warm on your hair to work beat and left on for a minimum of 10 minutes! I use my mask on dry hair and tend to leave it in my hair for around an hour, I try to use a hair mask at least once a week!

The finishing polish is literally amazing! It softens your hair and just makes it so well nourished and polished! It smoothes out any frizz and dramatically increases the shine on your hair! I use the finishing polish on dry hair! Its truly amazing!

Both products retail for under £12, but am not completely sure! You can buy both products from the Percy and Reed shop online! I am yet to find a shop near me which sells them! Let me know if you find them anywhere!

Hope you enjoyed this post! There is a lot more to come! Thanks for reading!



  1. I got the hair mask as well, and I used it this morning - I am definitely going to buy it again :) How much of the hair polish do you need to use? Did you need a lot or does a little bit go a long way?

    Thanks for your review :) x

  2. Yay new post! Xxxx I would love to try these products! Im soo slack when It comes to my hair LOL