Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Give Away Winners and My loves!

Hey guys :)

I will not put the Give Away Winner's name on here, but you can go to my video to check it out, there are a few of other bits and bobs on there too!

My loves

I looooooove The Big Bang Theory!! I have mentioned it before but yes I am a huuuuge nerd! I have the t-shirt the lot! But I love it!!

I looove Fred (who features in the above video)!

I love my subscribers :) seriously guys every single one of you means the world to me! I'm just a silly girl jibba jabberring about jibber jabber (another The Big Bang Theory quote) and I love that you guys can comment and talk to me!

I love getting emails or reading comments or answering questions for you guys! I spend hours on Youtube a day and I would love to hear from all of you!

Lastly I love everything :) I am in a VERY happy mood today and I've noticed just how beautiful everything is! (She's going Wacky) maybe yeah!

Check out the video!

But seriously we should all live our lives like it's our last day! I am very thankful for everything I have even thought i earn literally tupence but there are always people worse of than you! And of course better of! But they aren't always happy (that's what I like to tell myself anyways)

Teehee just smile my beauties!
I'd love to hear from you all! So if it's just a comment on a video post or my channel, or a full blown conversation by email I would love to hear from you all :)

Speak to you soon :)


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