Thursday, 2 February 2012


Right then, I want to make videos for youtube and upload the around 4 times a week! But I was wondering what would you guys like? 

I would love to upload a new video every day for you guys but it's just not going to happen! What with uni and work and ya'know my ACTUAL life I have no time!

So is 4 new videos a week too much? More sometimes but what do you guys think?

I don't want you going on to youtube and have to watch like 7 videos of mine just because you've missed a week, or maybe you'd like that I don't know! 

Thats why I need you guys to tell me!

Not many of my subscribers ever comment hahaa, I get that maybe your shy!

BUT, pleeeease step outa your bubble just to answer me this

"How many new videos of mine would you like to see a week?"

Thankyou hunnies :)

Love Katie

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